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"WebWhile helped us focus on developing the right online messaging, positioning and Internet infrastructure to start reaching the sales potential we know our products have."

Danny Dankner
CEO, ACE Applied Cognitive Engineering Ltd.

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Why Are We Different?
You already know that in order to get marketing results from your website, you need to be active.  However, in today's market, there are many buzz words being thrown at you and online marketing vendors sprinkle those buzz words all over their websites claiming to do nothing short of magic to turn your online business into a success. 

You've heard about:
Search Engine Optimization, SEO, Adwords, Pay Per Click (PPC), Index Submission, Affiliate Programs, etc..  
You receive offers from online companies offering you email blasts to millions of eager customers, top search engine ranking in Google, Yahoo and MSN, links to thousands of websites . . . And you probably have realized that these promises are empty because good marketing is not built from tricks. Good online marketing is about:

  • Understanding the market
  • Good business planning
  • Focused implementation
  • A good dose of creativity
We are different because we don’t claim to be magicians. We don’t make promises that we are not able to deliver on. We are different because our focus is on improving your online business bottom line – not on techniques or details that may or may not improve your business.

We collaborate with you to figure out what is required. You won’t find us bragging about achieving the #1 spot in Google for “Pink Albanian Snowshoes”. Because as far as we know– no one in the world is looking for them! We are completely focused on what makes business sense for YOU. When you work with us, you will quickly learn where to direct your resources, how to build traffic, how to provide the best user experience to your visitors within your budget and how to achieve your business goals online.

Looking at The Big Picture

"WebWhile studies your business needs and develops a holistic on-line marketing plan that fits your needs and delivers results. We can do it because we are experienced, e-business savvy professionals that look at the big picture and create customized, winning plans for you."

Dror Gliksman,
VP Biz. Dev.

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